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mark & kim's garden

Being mindfully grateful for what I have is really important and something I’m embarrassed to say I don’t do often enough. This week’s Ten On Tuesday is a great reminder.

10 Times You Felt Grateful Last Week

  1. When I woke up Saturday morning to all of the dishes being done and…
  2. …coffee made and waiting for me at my desk. ( An every weekend occurrence I’m grateful for every weekend.)
  3. When I got to spend time in friends’ amazing garden in Queens.
  4. When I got to spend time with those friends, eating and drinking.
  5. When Scott did all the vacuuming.
  6. When our Sunday evening¬†Game of Thrones guests brought spiced wine and Ser Amory’s tarts for us all to enjoy during the season finale.
  7. When I ate food fresh from my garden.
  8. When I noticed my tomato plants are covered with flowers.
  9. When I put up decals on the kitchen walls and thought about how they’re my kitchen walls and I can do whatever I want to them.
  10. When I knit on the shawl that is my current project, which uses yarn that was a gift.