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A Phrase I Detest

“It will happen when it’s meant to be.” Or any variation thereof. Seriously? Is that meant to be a comfort to people for whatever it is they’re wishing to happen? Or not to happen?

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4 things that annoyed me in manhattan this morning

This was originally going to be a blog entitled “3 interesting things I saw in Manhattan this morning.” Apparently, I was feeling wildly overoptimistic when I left the house. So why 4 and not 5? Well, 5 and 3 get … Continue reading

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our civilization in decline

One of my biggest pet peeves occurred this morning as I was walking up 34th St. Who the hell decided that we should teach teenagers how to beg on the damn street? Or on the train? It’s bad enough when … Continue reading

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major annoyance

With great expectations, I recently bought Heroes of Might and Magic IV. The game is great. When I can play it. You see, without fail, it crashes 15-30 minutes into gameplay. Always when exiting a battle. It’s incredibly annoying and … Continue reading

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