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13 Days?

For real? How in the world did that happen? Let me start off by saying that it hasn’t been depression keeping me away. When I said I was over the failed cycle, I really meant it. Even my ass lumps … Continue reading

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My Ass Looks Like a Minefield

Classy, hmmm? I swear to Jeebus, stopping progesterone has given me worse side effects than actually taking any of the other drugs. First, it was a day of feeling horribly ill. Woozy, sick to my stomach, weak. I think that … Continue reading

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Late December

First, let me say thank you for the kind words about yesterday’s negative test. Scott and I both really appreciate your thoughts and good wishes. Second, we’ve made a decision about the next cycle. We’re going to take the next … Continue reading

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It Was a Good Five Days

Having those three embryos on board was the most pregnant I’ve been since we started trying to grow our family 7 years ago. It was a really good five days, before the first negative pregnancy test. It’s now official: not … Continue reading

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We’re going to a show tomorrow night. It’s been a light year so far, but we’re finishing out the final two months of the year with 9. At 12 total for the year, that’s still a light year, but we’re … Continue reading

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I Don’t Like Digital Pregnancy Tests

They say that they’re easier to read, there’s no ambiguity. And I suppose that’s true. But it stares back at you like an accusation. NOT PREGNANT If it had little legs and little arms, it would leap up and wave … Continue reading

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A Little Break from All IVF All the Time

I can’t help it, though. That’s what’s been going on, so that’s what you get. And even though this is a rant about a client, it even involves IVF. So, I have this client. We’ve been working together for over … Continue reading

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