Web Design Pet Peeve #762

Using Flash as a splash page is a really fast way for a site to annoy me. Using Flash as a splash page with no “skip intro” link is a really fast way to get me to never visit your site again.

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6 Responses to Web Design Pet Peeve #762

  1. Scott says:

    So no flash on the gaming site? ::duck:: Just kidding!

  2. Muse says:

    Most certainly not. ;p

  3. Muse says:

    Actually, let me rephrase that. Not as a splash page. I’m beginning to be won over to some cool uses of Flash, but in a splash page – verbotten on its own, even without Flash – or in navigation, no way.

  4. Tess says:

    You said it! You’re even a bit more patient than I…

  5. Kelly says:

    Oh, omitting the skip intro button is unforgivable. What about the sites that are entirely comprised of flash. Freakin’ annoying and impossible to navigate through. Yep, I’m with you.

  6. Muse says:

    only stay on sites that are entirely composed of Flash long enough to get the webmaster’s email address so I can send them a list of reasons why he or she is an idiot.