Overheard On An Evening Walk

“Oh, you need to see this house on Stadium. They have a whole shrine in front.”

“A shrine? To who?”

“I don’t know. Some bathtub being.”

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0 Responses to Overheard On An Evening Walk

  1. Kathy says:

    Hey – thanks for the comment on my site. It’s good to know that someone is out there that I can talk to if my cat does have CRF. It can’t be any more painful (for me) than dealing with a 3-legged cat with a tumor in his skull, can it? :(

  2. Alex says:

    You actually heard someone else saying this?

  3. The Butterfly says:

    Kathy, I was so happy to read your update about Pete today. Thank goodness it wasn’t more serious.

    Alex- Yes, I heard Scott say it. Duh. ;p