Technology, why have you forsaken me?

The monitor in my pottery class – I guess teacher’s assistant is a good way to describe what she does, but they call her a monitor – makes these incredibly beautiful porcelain teapots. They’re ornate and built by hand and simply gorgeous. I saw her building one in the summer class, but she was knocked down by a kid at Disneyland and got a concussion and missed the last few weeks of class, so I never saw it finished.

Recently, I asked her how that teapot came out, and she said she was happy with it and that she has a whole collection of them she’s made. “Oh,” says I, “I would love to see them some time.”

Says she, “Um, yes, sure. You can come to my house some time and see them”

What a sensible solution! For me to go from the Bronx to her house in Staten Island to see them! There’s clearly no other way.

Oh, if only there was some way to capture the image of a thing and store it in some kind of portable format. Perhaps copied onto a piece of paper that’s easily transported from one place to another.

I even have a name for such a wondrous, magical thing, if it ever existed. I would call it “a photograph.”

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