A Rare Occurance

My knitting needles are empty. All of them. I’m not knitting anything!

At long last, I just finished Scott’s Berkshire Pullover, about half an hour ago. The ends are woven – blessedly few, thanks to spit splicing (with water, not spit, thank you very much) – and it’s spinning free of its Soak water right now. I’m still not happy with the neck, but whatever. It’s a casual sweater, so no big deal. As long as his head fits through it.

In with the sweater is a purple scarf knit in Misti Alpaca, in a horizontal rib pattern. This was knit for a secret Santa swap and will be shipped out to its new home this weekend.

Lady Eleanor is off the needles, her ends are woven in, and she’s been soaked and blocked. She’s just waiting for me to finish cleaning the kithen so I have space on the kitchen table to work the knotted fringe. She is stunning even without it.

I think I’ll cast on for a pair of socks today. Or maybe for Ice Queen. I just got my Fire Mountain Gems order today, with the beads I need for Ice Queen, so it’s most likely going to be that project that gets started today.

Photos of everything completed will be forthcoming once they’re dry.

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