As god is my witness, I’ll never go hungry again

Every year around this time, my regular UPS guy acquires a boy. I’m not sure from whence said boy comes, but he’s usually around 16 years old and appears as if by magic some time in early December. Once the boy arrives, that means the holiday package delivering season is in full swing. It also means that my regular UPS guy gets to sit in the truck while his boy does all the work. My regular UPS guy’s mama didn’t raise no fool.

Yesterday morning, the UPS boy trudged through the sleet to my door with no fewer than five packages, ranging in size from small to quite large. Two of them were things I ordered for Christmas gifts. The rest were gifts for Scott and me from my mother-in-law.

Some of you may remember that last year, she gave Scott a towel for Christmas. One. Towel.* I got an amaryllis and counted myself lucky.**

This year, Scott’s mother decided to bury us in baked goods. English muffins, to be precise. Two of today’s packages were from Wolferman’s.*** We received both the Christmas Bloom Tower and the Merry and Bright Presents gift box. That comes to a grand total of seven bags of English muffins, along with some jam, crumpets, cocoa, and tea breads.

I don’t think I need to buy baked goods for 6 months.

I’m not complaining. I like English muffins, and they freeze well. It just makes me giggle, is all, to see all those many bags of English muffins lined up on the counter.

*Don’t get me wrong, the yearly Mom Bonus Check and B&N gift cards are really the true gifts, but the side stuff is always a little wacky.

**That was a lovely gift which I tried to regrow this season, but my Black Thumb of DeathTM kicked in and that bulb was having none of it. I gave in and tossed it a few days ago.

***Incidentally, if you’ve never had a Wolferman’s English muffin, I really to recommend them. They’re delicious. Pop in for coffee some time and I’ll toast one up for you. I may have spares.

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2 Responses to As god is my witness, I’ll never go hungry again

  1. Steph says:

    The great fruitcakening begins on Sunday for me. I’m sort of tempted to send you one, now, just to overload your baked good status all the more. :D

  2. Mom says:

    Regrow the amarylis? Nah – doesn’t happen. However, here in Georgia, just stick it in the ground and forget about it. Amarylis are all over the place in spring.