Cancer Sucks

There’s a guy on a message board I read. He has advanced prostate cancer, and is on his second or third bout with the disease. It just keeps coming back.

And this time, it’s not only come back, but it’s spreading, and it sounds very much like this guy is going to die. He has kids, including a new baby who was born a few weeks early. He started his current round of chemo and radiation while she was still in the NICU.

I don’t know this guy well at all, but it breaks my heart. My heart aches for his wife, and especially for his kids, who will miss out on so much with a loving father. It’s a tragedy. An honest to god tragedy. One that’s played out every single day all over the world.

Sometimes, I’m absolutely astounded that there is yet to be a cure for this disease. With everything that’s possible in our modern world, how can it be that cancer keeps on going?

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